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Time Relay MTR17-TTQ-U240-116

  • TQ function
  • Two independently controlled times T1 and T2
  • 7 time rangers 1s … 100h
  • Wide range power supply of 12…240V AC/DC
  • 1NO/NC 16A contact arrangement
  • Low power consumption – <2.5 VA or <2 W – high energy efficiency
  • Installation design DIN 35mm
  • 17.5mm width

Time relay MTR17-TTQ-U240-116 equipped with universal power supply can be connected to any AC/DC voltage source in range of 12…240V. Performs TQ function with T1 and T2 times independently adjustable in range of 100ms to 100h. Microcontroller based circuit ensures high stability of time counter.
Designed to use in industrial automation systems.

Time functions available in the MTR17-TTQ-U240-116 relay:

ON delay and OFF delay with control contact S. Independent T1 and T2 settings (TQ) – the input of the time relay is supplied with voltage U continuously. Closing of the control contact S starts the interval T1, and after it has lapsed, the output relay R switches on. Opening of the control contact S starts the interval T2, and after it has lapsed, the output relay R switches off. In case the control contact S is closed in the course of the interval T2, the measured time is reset and the output relay R remains switched on. In case the control contact S is closed for time shorter than T1, the unit will not switch the output relay R on.


Front Panel


Version MTR17-TTQ-U240-116
Output Circuit
Contact arrangement 1NO/NC
Rated switching current In AC1 – 16A/250V AC
DC1 – 16A/24V DC
Maximum continuous current 12A
Switching load range AC1 4 000VA
Rated/maximum contact voltage 250/400V AC
Contact resistance ≤ 100mΩ
Maximum switching frequency
600 cycles/h
Input Circuit
Supply voltage Un 12…240V AC/DC
Supply voltage range
0,8…1,1Un (9,6…264V)
Rated consumption AC: ≤ 2,5VA
DC: ≤ 2W
Rated frequency 47…63Hz
Minimum trigger level S-A2 (sensitivity) 0,7Un
Minimum control S pulse length AC: ≥ 90ms
DC: ≥ 45ms
S loadable yes
Rated surge voltage 1 000V
Insulation rated voltage 250V AC
Rated surge voltage 4 000V (1,2/50μs)
Overvoltage category III
Pollution degree
Flammability PCB: V0, housing: HB
Dielectric strength input-output 4 000V AC
Dielectric strength open contact 1 000V AC
Dielectric strength between contacts
General Data
Electrical life AC1 at 50% In ≥ 150 000
Mechanical life ≥ 30 000 000
Dimensions (L x W x H) 90 x 17,5 x 66mm
Weight 53g
Ambient temperature -20°C …. +55°C
Relative humidity 85%
IP rating IP20
Shock resistance 15g
Vibration resistance 0,35mm (10…55Hz)
Terminals max 2,5 mm²
Installation DIN rail 35mm
Time Module
Time ranges
1s, 10s, 1m, 10m, 1h, 10h, 100h
Timing adjustment smooth 0,1…1,0 x range
Setting accuracy
Repeatability 0,5%
Recovery time ≤ 100ms

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MTR17-TTQ-U240-116 Datasheet
Time Relay selection table
Declaration of conformity CE

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