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Monofunction time relays – OFF delay with the control contact S MTR17-TBA-U240-116

The single function timers  MTR17-TBA-U240-116  are  designed for applications in automation and control. Universal power supply allows you to connect to any source of AC or DC voltage from 12 to 240V.  The brain chip of your application-specific miniature controller is the ideal solution for realizing custom control applications within minimum space at low-cost.

  • One time  function – symmetrical cyclical operation pause first (TC) or pulse first (TD)
  • Universal supply of 12V AC/DC to 240V AC/DC
  • Low power consumption –  <2.5 VA or  <1.5 W – high energy efficiency
  • Installation design DIN 35mm
  • Width 17.5mm
  • Output contact:  1 form C – 1 x 16A.
OFF delay with the control contact S (BA) – The input of the time relay is supplied with U voltage continuously. Closing of the control contact S immediately switches on the output relay R. Each next closing of the control contact S results in a change of the status of the output relay R to an opposite one (the feature of a bistable relay.


View of the front panel

Supply voltage Un AC/DC (AC: 50-60Hz) 12 V AC/DC … 240 V AC/DC
Contact arrangement 1 form C
Switching current range AC1 – 16 A /250 V AC

DC1 16 A /24 V DC

Switching load range AC1 4 000 VA
Rated voltage 250/400 VAC
Insulation rated voltage 250 V AC
 Overvoltage category III
Dielectric strength in-out 4 000 V AC
Dielectric strength open contact 1 000 V AC
Time rangers 0,1 s…..100 h
Min. control pulse length AC≥90ms; DC≥45ms
Ambient temperature -20°C …. +55°C

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Monitoring relays ensures reliable system protection against demage.

It is used to secure loads (eg. motors) from the voltage unbalance, incorrect phase sequence or damage to the executive contactor’s contacts.

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